• Who may use the system?

    Any non-governmental organization registered in Ukraine, as represented by the designated person, may use the system. The organization must have its EDRPOU and registration address provided. The registration is online.

  • How soon may I begin using the system once registered?

    Once the registration process is completed, the admin will need some time to review your application. You’ll further receive an e-mail confirming your account is active, and that you may start working. The reviewal process normally takes up to one working day.

  • What are the Terms of Use? Do I have to pay for anything?

    While registering, the user must accept and further adhere to the “Terms of Use”. System use is free.

  • Which topics may the surveys cover?

    The surveys may cover any topics, barring those containing confidential information or other information that may not be spread under Ukrainian legislation. However, should you want to cover politics or religion in your survey and announce it in mass media, you may not name the system you use for the survey. Another way, mass media announcement details must be made known to the developed for cellular provider coordination no later than 15 days prior to the release.

  • What are the question types used in the survey?

    You may use alternative questions (unlimited number of answer options, just one answer to be chosen), open-ended questions (the participants should supply their own answers) or questions with answers to be ranked by priority level.

  • How many people may be questioned during one survey?

    You may set the votes limit for each survey yourself, or stop the survey if you think the number of votes is enough.

  • May the survey participant vote twice?

    You may set the votes limit for one participant (via IP/phone number) yourself. If there’s a multiple choice option, several votes may be required.

  • How soon is the vote displayed in the system?

    It takes less than five seconds for the vote to be displayed once the SMS is received on the server. However, sometimes it takes the server around five minutes to receive the SMS. If one votes via smartphone, the result is displayed within 2-5 seconds.

  • How are the results displayed? May I save the results?

    Survey results with alternative questions are displayed as a column, linear or circular diagram. Survey results for the open-ended questions are shown as a list of unique answers or tag cloud.

  • Does the system keep the survey results?

    Yes, survey results are kept in the system for three months. During this time you may conduct this survey again, or edit it and start from the scratch. The survey results can be viewed on "Statistics" page. The results are downloadable in .xls (tabular view) or .pdf (summary charts, voter’s demographic portrait).

  • May I create and conduct the survey via smartphone?

    Yes, given that your screen resolution is not less than 320pix in width. Mobile version works with iOS 7+, Android 5.0+.

  • During the survey, may I get the information about the participants? If yes, of what kind?

    While creating a survey you may choose an option to request demographic information from online voters. In this case, when they answer the questions, they will be asked to specify their: 1) sex 2) age 3) income. You may get this information on the “Statistics” page.

  • For technical support please contact: